Vilnius is the city with the most self-deprecation

Do you remember? Somewhere in a distant past you have had to learn that Vilnius is the capital of… Yes, which country it is, we have forgotten for a moment, and that is precisely the punchline of the city’s promotional campaigns. At least it looks like a place that’s super cool to visit. Now just look for where exactly we have to fly.

The only real Lithuania
Oh, yes, Lithuania. Duh, we knew that. Fortunately, we are not alone, even the Lithuanias  are familiar with their shortcoming. After their brilliant tourism campaign ‘Vilnius – the G-spot of Europe’, because that’s how they say “no one is where it is, but if you find it – it’s fantastic,”” the city has a new one.
Donkey prick with Vilnius
The new campaign once again focuses on the ‘true’ of Vilnius by asking tourists somewhere in Europe, where the city is located. Another very successful video. The accompanying website where you can win a trip to the Lithuanian capital with a kind of donkey can win is also very well conceived. We were about 250 kilometers next to it, but well, you can’t be good at everything.
Chernobyl without radiation
By the way, there are really plenty of reasons to visit the city. If we can believe them, because unfortunately we haven’t been there yet. So everything is within walking distance, always fine. It’s easy to book a hot air balloon ride, also fun. And they promote themselves as the place where Chernobylis is included. We’re a huge fan of the HBO series, so that’s definitely a pre. There are 28 other reasons, but we’ll let you discover it ourselves. In any case, we have added (again) a place to our bucket list. It might be time to go off a bit…
Vilnius is the city with the most self-deprecation




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