Tips for family travel: start small

By starting close to home and looking for adventures in your own region or country, you can gradually build your confidence as a travelling parent. A holiday in your own home, or a staycation, means something different for everyone, but what we are talking about is making the most of it at home. This will of course save travel and accommodation costs, but it also requires the parents to completely let go of their work and chores around the house and go into holiday mode at home. Here are some great examples of activities to get the holiday feeling going.

Travel by public transport to a place you’ve never been
You’ll never know what hidden treasures are near you if you don’t look for them. Visiting a new place can completely change your view of that area. By traveling by public transport, you add some extras to your adventure, so you can teach your kids to decipher timetables, learn the art of patient waiting and how to behave in a public space such as the train, bus or tram.

Put children in charge
It’s refreshing (and probably a fun challenge) to give up all the reins and put the kids in charge for a day. Of course you have to set limits in terms of costs, food and distances, but tell them right at the beginning of the day and wait and see what the kids come up with. It can be a fascinating way to see a new side of your surroundings. The kids are guaranteed to enjoy it and talk about it for a long time to come.

Be spontaneous
The lives of young children are largely about the rhythm of school and weekends. Use a holiday in your own home to spontaneously go out together. For example, look for last-minute tickets for the theatre, discover a new collection in the museum, find an undiscovered place to picnic extensively or go for a challenging walking or cycling route.

Sleepover in your own home
Transform the living room into one large bedroom for everyone, make it cozy with lots of pillows and blankets, or pitch a tent in your backyard. Kids love sleeping outdoors: make hot chocolate, stare at the stars together or arrange a projector, hang a sheet and create your own outdoor cinema. Also fun: light some candles, turn on your favorite holiday music and pull out a few board games.

A challenge for every day
Take on the challenge of doing something new every day of your home vacation. For example, you can pick fruit or vegetables from a local grower, prepare a new dish together, volunteer somewhere or try to read a book in one day (have a book club to discuss your books). As long as you step out of your comfort zone together.



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