Palm from the time jesus grows

Scientists have managed to layer a palm tree from seeds dating back to the time of Jesus. The 2,000-year-old seeds for the palm were found during archaeological excavations in Israel and were found to be still doing so. Researchers from the Hadassah Medical Organisation managed to grow palms out of it.

The ancient seeds came from a barrel unearthed in the lock of King Herod, which still appears in the New Testament. First, the scientists mixed the seeds in water with a growth agent. Six of thirty-three original seeds have been eliminated. From this, small date palm trees have grown.

The researchers can see a lot on the plants. For example, plant breeding took place two thousand years ago, selective planting and harvesting the best specimens. In addition, the seeds were larger than date palm seeds nowadays. They expect that the dates that are going to grow will also be bigger than modern dates.


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