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The Maldives is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the world, islands in the Maldives, an independent island country in the north-central Indian Ocean. It consists of a series of more than 1,200 small atolls and mostly inhabited sandy banks, which are grouped into groups or atolls. Learn more about Maldives

Information about Maldives

What is the Maldives?
The Maldives is the most famous group of islands in the Indian Ocean and perhaps all over the world, because the stunning beauty of its turquoise lakes and magnificent beaches is unparalleled. The Maldives is one of the few places on earth that everyone hopes to visit for once in their lives, and once you see it you are forever in love.
Maldives location and geography
The Maldives is a group of about 1,200 atolls, located in the Indian Ocean near the Indian subcontinent, the Maldivian archipelago consists of 26 natural atolls and is a series of islands made up of coral reefs that have grown around a submerged volcanic mountain, and the country lives 300,000 people living on 192 islands. Most of the remaining islands are left intact until the ecosystem thrives, and nearly 100 islands have been transformed into tourist hubs that form the backbone of the Maldives’ economy. Until the 1970s, the Maldives were relatively unknown to the world, but with the booming tourism of the islands’ resorts, the Maldives became a tropical paradise for visitors.
Maldives Environment
The Maldives boasts a vibrant and diverse ecosystem of 21 species of dolphins and whales, 400 species of molluscs, 83 species of Ikendere skin, and 1,100 incredible species of fish! The country is also internationally renowned for its vast coral colonies with vibrant undersea life attracting tourists from all over the world.
Religion and customs in the Maldives
The first settlers in the Maldives were from South India and Sri Lanka, which is illustrated to this day in the culture, customs and language of the Maldives, as the official language of the Maldives is Dhivehi, which carries Sinhalese hymns. The people of the Maldives were Buddhists for a long time, but later became an Islamic nation in the 12th century after merchants from all over the Middle East brought Islam to the Maldivian archipelago.
Maldives culture (food, art, handicrafts)
The integration of different religions and cultures has left a lasting impression on the Maldivian archipelago, which is also quite evident in cuisine, as well as in maldivian art and crafts, as the Maldives’ music scene is a unique experience dominated by large local drums, a different kind of African drum. Local cuisine such as kavaabu, fatafolhi, bajiyaa is prepared using processed dry tuna, and the main ingredient of Maldivian cuisine is coconut, which is abundant throughout the Maldivian archipelago.
Economic development in the Maldives
The Maldives boasts of sustainable economic growth with consistent infrastructure development, as, according to the World Bank report, the Maldives has shown stable growth of 7% with the help of tourism, construction, transport, fisheries and telecommunications. Moreover, with an intense focus on social development, the Maldives has eradicated malaria, significantly reduced HIV infection rates and eradicated famine throughout the country. Therefore, with a thriving economy and happy population, the Maldives is a safe tourist destination for everyone.
Tourism in the Maldives
Throughout the year, the Maldives attracts tourists from all over the world as a popular destination for millions of young people, especially those who want to enjoy stunning views and beaches, and plenty of options to help with recreation, here are the most important and famous Maldives:

Malé Island
This magnificent island is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations and islands in the Maldives, and is the capital of the Maldives, and it is no wonder it is famous as it offers visitors a lot of great as well as exciting entertainment opportunities, from shopping to swimming, diving and enjoying various water sports.
Maafushi Island
Mafushi Island is the perfect opportunity for tourists looking for harmony with nature amid some of the most beautiful landscapes, as well as great recreational opportunities, and also offers world-class services.
Favo Atoll Island
It is an island that offers a variety of opportunities from various activities, such as diving and water sports, as well as integrating with the country’s local traditions and experimenting with various Maldivian foods.
Ba Atoll Island
This magnificent island takes you to a fascinating world of crystal waters, pink flowers and happy dreams, the perfect opportunity for an unparalleled holiday, luxurious island resorts and great leisure opportunities.
Laviani Island
One of the most beautiful dive sites in the world, as well as being perfectfor family holidays due to family resorts, this island offers tourists plenty of amazing entertainment complete with high-quality services, as well as breathtaking breathtaking landscapes.

Maldives At Night

In addition to the wonderful islands day and night, but there are some Maldives that are especially great at night, due to the lights provided by the beaches due to the movement of the waves, and many of the services of these islands, this list of the most beautiful islands and resorts in the Republic of the Maldives, especially at night.
Pearl Of the Maldives At Night
This island is a small island scattered but close, and what distinguishes it most is the transformation of the beaches at night on this island into wonderful pearls that shine with the movement of the waves, due to the presence of small marine organisms largely on the shores of this island, the movement of waves to emit light from them to resemble a pearl.
Paradis Island
Named after this island because many visitors call it the Maldives Paradise, this island has the largest resort of the Maldives, offering tourists a great stay overlooking one of the maldives’ iconic beaches.
Waldorf Astoria Resort
Located in the north of the Maldives, this resort overlooks an old lake with its wonderfully pure and clear water, and this resort has many fine restaurants serving the finest Maldivian food.
Helongly Resort
This hilly island resort is the first thing tourists think of when visiting the Maldives, it’s not complete without going to The Helongle Island Resort and enjoying a scuba diving and swimming in its clear and clear waters.

Maldives Activities
Dive and explore the magnificent coral reefs between the beautiful islands. Explore Ado, the southernmost city in the Maldives and the second largest City of Maldives. Take part in water sports such as surfing and water skiing. Hire a boat and go on an amazing and unique fishing trip. Take a stroll to Sultan’s Garden, which is located on the basis of a former palace. Touring the National Museum. Eat traditional Maldivian food and delicious.



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