Japan commemorates Hiroshima nuclear bombing

The bells rang in Hiroshima, yesterday, on the 75th anniversary of the first atomic bomb in the world, in a ceremony reduced by the new Coronavirus pandemic “Coved-19”, and urged the city’s mayor, Kazumi Matsui, to reject selfish nationalism and unity to fight all threats, and while thousands were usually gathered in the peace park in central Hiroshima, for prayer and singing, access to the park was severely restricted and only survivors and their families were able to attend the memorial ceremony. The city authorities said that due to the significance of the anniversary of the bombing, which killed 140,000 people before the end of 1945, they decided to hold the ceremony despite the proliferation of Corona, but with strict precautions.
The crowd observed a minute of silence in the summer heat at the same time as the bomb exploded, while the bell of peace rang, and the President of Hiroshima, Kazumi Matsui, said: “On August 6, 1945, one atomic bomb destroyed our city, rumors at the time that nothing would grow here for 75 years, but Hiroshima recovered and became a symbol of peace.” “When the 1918 influenza pandemic attacked the world nearly a century ago, it claimed tens of millions of lives and horrified the world, because the countries that were fighting World War I were unable to face the threat together,” Matsui said.
“The subsequent rise of nationalism led to World War II and the use of atomic bombs. We must never allow this painful past to happen again, civil society must reject self-centered nationalism and unite in the face of all threats.”


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