How to be a conscious traveler? Your guide to an eco-friendly holiday

Have you ever heard of the term conscious or responsible travel or asked yourself how to be a responsible traveler?

The term conscious travel is frequently used on foreign travel sites, and this type of travel is based on reducing the negative social, economic and environmental impacts of the traveler, in order to produce greater economic benefits for the local population and enhance the well-being of host communities, as well as to provide more enjoyable experiences for tourists through direct interaction with the local population.
Travel trends in the summer of 2020 are biased towards the choice of places in the middle of nature, whether on the sea, in the mountains or in rural villages, so the non-profit organization Worldrise has prepared a guide for responsible holidays or conscious travel, al-Ain news website quoted by Vanity Fair in its Italian edition.

Your guide to conscious travel

Avoid printing booking papers

There are apps that allow passengers to manage their bookings using their mobile phones, to avoid printing airline tickets, residence book sheets and other important documents, which means that papers and inks are not used and therefore reduce pollution.

It is preferable to replace the use of taxis for excursions and exploring the chosen destination, with public transport such as trams, buses, subways or even bicycle rentals to help reduce carbon emissions.

Travel timing
It is recommended to choose to travel in the middle and low seasons to help revive the local economy of the selected destination.

Local products

Local products are preferred to support local trade and craft that are affected by seasonal tourism, and in general the artisanal product has less impact on the environment during production.

Local cuisine
It is recommended to choose to sample the typical dishes and products of each city by visiting its local restaurants, which are usually characterized by their very delicious cuisine, in order to enjoy the flavours of the place’s history, cultural influences and past achievements, through spices used, cooking and other influential ingredients.

Travel supplies
Before you leave, make a list of the essential items to take in the traveller, and avoid buying clothes that are only used to wear on the go or to take pictures.
It is also recommended to reduce cosmetics that often contain certain chemicals that can be harmful to the environment and are often packed in harmful plastic bottles.
For example, when you go to sea, you can only choose to use an oxybenzone-free sunscreen, a substance harmful to coral reefs and many organisms.

Visit ing natural areas

One of the most enjoyable activities while traveling is visiting nature parks or marine reserves, and in these areas you should be very careful when dealing with the animals or organisms in them by watching them only without getting close to or disturbing them.

If you go to the beach, you can enjoy the work of palaces and castles with the possibility of cleaning the beach from the waste.


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