French ‘shock traffic light’ conquers Europe

Anyone who ignores the red light at a pedestrian crossing in Paris is likely to almost literally scare themselves to death. Now Germany also wants to introduce these ‘shock traffic lights’.

Ignoring the red light as a pedestrian in Paris – if you’re unlucky – ‘rewarded’ with the sound of squeaky tires of a hard-braking car. The traffic light has been there since 2017 and is the result of a campaign by the Paris transport company DRIEA.

The German party FDP also wants to introduce the ‘shock traffic light’ in Germany. “Every year, dozens of pedestrians in Munich are killed because the red light is ignored,” says city councillor Thomas Ranft. “We need to take over this idea from Paris to raise pedestrians.”
‘Don’t risk looking death in the face’, that is: ‘don’t run the danger of looking death in the eye’ is the name of the campaign designed to warn Parisian pedestrians of the consequences of ignoring the red light. Every year, 4,500 people of Paris are injured, or worse.
As soon as a passer-by crosses the intersection at red light, loud speakers from a billboard sound the sound of squeaky car tires. Meanwhile, the reactions of the offenders are captured by a camera – and displayed a little later on a video screen across the street.




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