Corona vaccine race. Experts warn of the dangers of the Russian vaccine

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced Tuesday that his country has developed the first vaccine to provide “sustainable immunity” to coronavirus.
Putin said during a video call with his cabinet ministers: «This morning, for the first time in the world, a vaccine against the new coronavirus was recorded in Russia,” stressing that the Russian corona vaccine has undergone the necessary tests, revealing that 20 countries requested one billion doses of the vaccine, and that commercial production will be available in September this year.
America warns against Russian vaccine!

Minutes after Russia announced the provision of the Russian Corona vaccine at commercial levels to the world, The Washington Post published a report saying That Russia was unveiling a vaccine for the coronavirus, claiming to win the global race before the final test was completed.
Such steps could give people a false sense of security, especially in state-controlled institutions, such as the Chinese military, whose members received doses of a single vaccine, the paper warned.
In the same vein, many scientists from outside Russia, along with the World Health Organization, expressed doubts about the Russian corona vaccine, and questioned the decision to register it before the phase III trials, which usually last for several months and involve thousands of people, not just numbers that did not exceed hundreds.
Researchers: What the United States fears is the use of a vaccine that is not scientifically proven!
Dr. Al-Fatoum, professor of bacterial and viral vaccine sciences at the University of Michigan and president of the company involved in the manufacture of the Corona vaccine in the United States, said in an interview on al-Arabiya: «So far it is not clear how successful the vaccine is and what its possible side effects are, the extent of The danger is that we are opening a new door for a vaccine that we don’t know what’s behind this door so that we’re giving people a vaccine that hasn’t proven its successes in the clinical way required to make sure the vaccine is high, but what the UNITED States and who are afraid of is the use of A vaccine that is not scientifically proven.»
He explained «Fatoum», that the scientific rule of the method of dealing with these drugs should have been applied so that there are certain stages to enter, and the first concern must be the safety of the recipient, which must be proven in thousands of people, not in less than a hundred people, and then enter the second stage and then the third stage. Considering that what Russia has done is not a commitment to international health standards for the production of a vaccine.”
Vladimir Putin: The strong back of the Russian vaccine!
Regardless of political or material motives, President Putin’s own announcement of the production of an official vaccine against the new coronavirus, citing that his daughter had undergone the vaccine test, was a position that gives consumers more confidence about the efficacy of the vaccine.
“We must recognize that the development of vaccines in Russia and in the previous version of the Soviet Union, played a major role in the development of polio vaccine in all countries of the world in general and third world countries in particular, in this way in which Putin announced the vaccine gave the strength and back to this vaccine already, and gave credibility to the researchers who made this vaccine, but this is not enough to receive people and receive this vaccine without any scientific evidence to prove the safety of the recipient of this vaccine.”
On the differences between the vaccines that are currently being worked on and the extent to which their safety is verified, Said Dr. Ashraf Al Dada, Director of the Immunology Department at King Faisal Specialist Hospital, in an interview on al-Arabiya channel: «International competition of companies, universities and international institutes to find a solution to this epidemic is a very positive and undeniable endeavor, and in return we must see that the consumer who considers the existence of a new vaccine, his right to ask about the honesty of any vaccine entering the market, the Russian vaccine has not been heard except Just three months ago, after a short period of time, the vaccine, about which we have not read or details, is announced in prestigious and reliable scientific journals or scientific journals, as other companies have done to compete strongly with major Chinese, British, German and American companies.”
He pointed out «Dada», that all these companies published the details of each vaccine reached, and was reviewed and its results especially in the first and second phase, considering that the problem now in the Russian vaccine that the third stage has not started yet, yet they were granted permission from the concerned authorities in Russia, to force that these standards are not accepted in Western Europe or America.
Al Dada explained that the third phase is completed in order to test the vaccine on thousands of people until the vaccine is officially approved and registered.
Russian President Vladimir Putin said Tuesday that the Russian Health Ministry had approved the Russian vaccine for the new coronavirus, noting that the corona vaccine was ready and that his daughter had received a dose of it as evidence of his great confidence in the effectiveness and safety of the vaccine.
Russian officials said the crucial third phase of clinical trials would take place after Russia registered the Corona vaccine, but Russia did not release any scientific data on testing the vaccine, raising doubts about its safety and efficacy.


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