M3 CS Touring Is The M Wagon BMW Should’ve Built

In today’s world of intense market research, and endless terabytes of consumer data, car companies are very good at building vehicles customers want to buy. But somehow BMW still doesn’t build an M3 wagon and that’s a shame. Luckily one BMW enthusiast decided to build the M3 wagon of our dreams, and the results are expectedly stunning.

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Cupra Ateca review: Spanish sports SUV shines

First up is a badge-engineered version of the Ateca SUV, but it will be Cupra’s second model, the Formentor, that sheds more light on the company’s future vision. It’s a seductively sculpted, plug-in hybrid coupe crossover and is coming in 2020.

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Bentley S2 meets Mulsanne: Driving Crewe’s first and last V8 engines

At some as-yet-unannounced time in the not too distant future, a period of time best measured in months rather than years, Bentley will announce that the Mulsanne is finally being put out to pasture. By then it will have been around for 10 years and what Bentley plans to do for a flagship model next is not something to which I am privy.

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BMW finally makes Apple CarPlay free

Apple CarPlay in BMW vehicles is finally going to be free. Hallelujah! Autocar reported that BMW is eliminating the subscription charge for folks in the U.K. earlier today, and we just received confirmation from BMW that the change applies to U.S. BMW owners as well.

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2020 BMW 1 Series review: 118i and M135i

The first two generations of BMW 1 Series – from 2004 to 2011 and then from 2011 to 2019 – were rear-wheel drive and unique to the rest of the class. The 2020 BMW 1 Series marks the first time the company has adopted front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive for its smallest hatchback.

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Shelby Super Snake Sport F-150 headed to production with 770 hp

What makes this truck even cooler is the fact it ditches the crew-cab configuration (Shelby has already made fast four-door pickups) and sports just two doors. It’s probably the closest we’ll get to a modern-day F-150 Lightning from the factory. Shelby said the reaction to the concept was, to put it bluntly, overwhelmingly positive.
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Porsche developing trick stability software using four-motor E-SUV

The Porsche Taycan is the company’s first all-electric offering, and it won’t be the last. The suave EV saloon utilises a pair of motors to drive all four wheels, and in Turbo S configuration it can hit 60 mph in just 2.6 seconds. It also handles corners like a straight-up boss, but Porsche believes it can do better. With an SUV. In snow. Obviously, there’s more to this curious story.

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Nissan GT-R50 By Italdesign Production Version Goes Official

Nissan plans to produce just 50 examples of the GT-R50 with “a significant number of deposits already taken” from the manufacturer. Customers who have already put an order are currently working with the brand on the exact specifications of their cars and, meanwhile, a limited number of reservations is still available.

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2021 VW Golf GTI imagined in highly plausible rendering

A new rendering created by Kolesa.ru envisions what will surely become the most successful version of the Golf’s performance quartet, the Grand Touring Injection. We’ve seen plenty of spy shots with the front-wheel-drive hot hatch carrying very little camouflage, so it’s not that hard to imagine how the GTI Mk8 is going to look like once it’ll be officially revealed next year.

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Mercedes GLE Coupe SUV

Just as with the BMW X6 that invented the coupe-SUV niche, you buy the Mercedes GLE Coupe because of its design, rather than for practical reasons. It’s a distinctive model that’s unlikely to be spotted twice in the same car park, lending it a dash of exclusivity.

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