What We Eat Today: Stuffed Pumpkin Rollade

This pumpkin roll steals the show as a vegan centerpiece, but also does well as a festive vegetable side dish. Serve it in its entirety and cut it on the table.

Main course: vegetarian
Number of persons: 4
Preparation time: 80 min (excl. waiting time)

– 1 bottle pumpkin (approx. 1.3 kg)
– 4 tbsp (olive) oil
– 2 garlic cloves
– 200 g mushroom melange
– 5 gr thyme
– 1 lemon (clean-up)
– 200 g spinach
– 2 cm fresh ginger
– 1/2 tsp ground cinnamon
– 1/4 tsp ground nutmeg
baking paper, kitchen rope

1. Heat the oven to 200 °C. Halve the pumpkin lengthwise, remove the seeds and inside with a spoon. Sprinkle with 1 tbsp of oil and place with the cutting edge down on a coated baking sheet. Roast 30-35 min. in the middle of the oven until the flesh is soft.
2. Meanwhile, cut the garlic finely and the mushrooms coarsely. Remove the leaves from the twigs thyme. Heat 1 tbsp oil in a saucepan and fry half the garlic with the mushrooms and thyme 5 min. on medium heat. Season with pepper and salt in a plate.
3. Grate the zest of the lemon and squeeze out half. Heat the rest of the oil in the appetizer pan and stir the spinach with the rest of the garlic 3 min. Take the heat, scoop into a sieve and push the moisture out. Season with 1 tbsp lemon juice, pepper and salt.
4. Remove the pumpkin from the oven and set the oven to 180 °C. Scoop the flesh with a spoon from the pumpkin peel, but leave 2 cm along the edge.
5. Peel and grate the ginger and stir the pumpkin meat with the lemon grater, cinnamon and nutmeg into a smooth mash. Season with pepper and salt.
6. Coat the inside of the pumpkin halves with 2/3 of the spinach and push on. Divide the mushrooms and then the pumpkin puree over it. Cover with the rest of the spinach and push on. Place the pumpkin halves in length side by side and fold the cutting edges into a quick movement against each other. Tie with the kitchen rope and roast the pumpkin approx. 15 min. in the oven. Take out of the oven and leave 15 minutes before you cut it.
Eat tasty!



Paris, your t’aime: 8 x Romantic Budget hotels in Paris

How do you find a romantic hotel that is still reasonable to pay? We found them in passages and in dreamy squares: sweet hotel slates with flowered wallpaper and stairwells full of brocante. Under sail in the city of light.: 8 romantic budget hotels in Paris.

Paris hotel of the highest located hotel: ERMITAGE HÔTEL

A turquois stairwell takes you to 12 rooms with original paintings and floral wallpaper, which comes specially from England and is renewed every five years. On arrival: do you want to see the garden for a while? And do you hear how quiet it is here? In any case, it’s not expensive. For 110 euros you sleep at the foot of the Sacre Coeur in a stylishly decorated hotel, a gift from a wealthy banker to his mistress. Could make it more romantic.

At the dreamy Place Emile Goudeau: TIMHOTEL
The charm of this hotel is located in its location, on the dreamy Place Emile Goudeau, a sloping square halfway between Montmartre overlooking Paris. Next to it is the world famous artists nest Bateau Lavoir, where Picasso held studio. The rooms are not particularly attractively decorated, but very clean and equipped with all the luxury. Ask for a room overlooking the Sacre Coeur. The most romantic place in Paris.

Budget hotels in Paris: HÔTEL PRIMA LEPIC

Four-poster beds, floral wallpaper. Everything’s spotless. We are especially enthusiastic about the wrought iron chairs in the hall, the authentictiled hall and not to mention the location: heart Montmartre. The hotel is far enough from the tourist Place du Tertre to be allowed to be hip. No art nouveau for the owners of this hotel, no brocante, no curls. This is the youngest, hippest and at the same time cheapest hotel in this list.
The hotel is far enough from the tourist Place du Tertre to be allowed to be hip. No art nouveau for the owners of this hotel, no brocante, no curls. This is the youngest, hippest and at the same time cheapest hotel in this list.
Pure nostalgia: HÔTEL DE NICE
Nice neighborhood (the Marais), special hotel. 23 Rooms full of plush, antique sandbrocante. Paris as Paris is meant to be. Gone glory? That’s not how we experience it. The hotel breathes nostalgia, but is anything but dusty. Moreover, the modern Pompidou Centre is within walking distance and you can shop well in rue de Roi Sicilie (around the corner) with its many design shops.
In a passage: HÔTEL CHOPIN
Close to the large boulevards, but an oasis of peace, because located in a passage, the beautiful Passage Jouffroy, where you don’t notice anything about the crowds outside. Apart from its location also special due to the romantic decoration of the rooms and the reception with piano!



No stress: This allows you to easily choose the right wine for the holidays

With the holidays, of course, there must be a good meal, but also good drinking is part of it. How to choose a suitable wine smartly and economically

Christmas may be the funniest time of year, but organizing a Christmas dinner or drink can also bring a lot of stress. Especially when you’re going to eat with a lot of people, you’re dealing with different flavors and preferences. “It’s not easy to choose a wine that everyone likes,” explains Elke Wolterink.
There is therefore no simple answer to the question which wine fits your plans for the holidays. But a good wine-food combination makes your cherry dinner a lot more complete, which gives you that special days in December just that little extra. “Think about what you want to eat first,” wolterink tips. “In general, the food has more impact on the taste of the wine than the other way around.”

Basic taste as a starting point
Once you have a menu in mind, there are some basic things you can watch out for to find the right wine. For the right taste of wine at the right dish you pay attention to the basic taste in the first place. “In a light starter, you choose a lighter wine, with a heavier main course, the wine may be a little more pronounced.” It is important that you not only pay attention to the type of meat, fish or vegetables that forms the basis of your dish. “Also pay attention to which sauce you use. This often has a greater influence than, for example, the type of meat. For example, if you use pepper sauce or a roquefort sauce, they are quite taste-defining.” As an illustration, a dish with salmon in the lead role goes well together with a chardonnay, a salad goat cheese asks for a sauvignon blanc, and a rosé baked veal sentrecôte tastes even tastier in combination with a beautiful Merlot.

At most supermarkets, the wine is classified by taste. This allows you to make a good choice without knowledge of grape varieties or wine regions.

Wine certainly doesn’t have to be expensive, and for a good and tasty wine you can just go to the supermarket

And what do you do when you have to drive, or you just don’t want to drink too much at Christmas dinner? Wolterink knows that this also has to be no longer a challenge. According to the connoisseur, alcohol-free wines are of ever better quality. For example, the alcohol-free chardonnay is a good choice: “The full fresh taste with a butter is very tasty in combination with a sturdy salad or whitefish.” In addition, there is an increasingly wide choice in low-alcohol wine. “For example, at PLUS we have a shiraz that only has 5.5% alcohol in it. That’s much less than the average 12%. But the taste is just as rich.”
By choosing an alcohol-free or poor wine, you can consciously enjoy it. Not only is there no or less alcohol in these wines, “the number of calories is often significantly lower. And always with a great taste!

a festive, stress-free and unforgettable Christmas.


2020 Vauxhall Corsa review – supermini is back on course

The fifth-generation Vauxhall Corsa has had a “difficult” time on its way to the showrooms.

Initially designed under GM ownership, when Opel/Vauxhall was sold to the PSA Group the plans for the new supermini were torn up and the development team told to start again using PSA’s CMP platform as a base, with a turnaround of less than two years.

That they managed it at all is impressive. That the car isn’t a complete disaster is even more so.

Despite its difficult gestation, this all-new Corsa is far, far better than the model it replaces. Starting from the ground up everything is new, from the chassis to the engines, transmission, looks and technology.


(Photo: Vauxhall) 

The new model is significantly lower than the fourth-generation car and despite being fractionally narrower looks wider and squatter thanks to that lower roofline, a longer body and some design elements intended to trick the eye. It’s quite a departure from the old model and overall looks chunky and assertive but it’s definitely colour-sensitive and from certain angles it looks a touch ungainly.

Inside, a coloured stripe across the dashboard is intended to enhance the feeling of width. In SRi-spec car this is a vivid red, in higher trims it’s a dull silver. It is an effective trick and while it’s still not as roomy as a Renault Clio the Corsa feels more spacious and comfortable than the fourth-gen car, with better ergonomics and materials. Most of the switches are familiar from the Vauxhall parts bin – fine to touch but dull to look at – but the media system is new. Ranging from seven to 10 inches, it dominates the dash but is more neatly integrated than systems in its rivals. Boot space is 309l and rear passenger space is on a par with the Ford Fiesta but lags behind the Clio.

Vauxhall Corsa SRi Nav

Price: £19,200 (£19,850 as tested) Engine: 1.0-litre, three-cylinder, turbo, petrol Power:  99bhp Torque:  151lb/ft Transmission:  Six-speed manual Top speed:  121mph 0-60mph: 9.3 seconds Economy:  47.9-52.3mpg CO2 emissions:  96g/km (NEDC corr)

Ride & handling

Being built on a new platform with a totally new body, the latest Corsa is lighter but stronger than before and Vauxhall says it has been set up to combine comfort with dynamism.

The steering – via a leather-wrapped, flat-bottomed steering wheel – is light and quick but not over-endowed with feel. The sport mode in the SRi adds some extra weight but it feels obviously artificial and doesn’t add much to the enjoyable drive. The SRi also gets additional strut bracing to improve stability but while it’s a chuckable little thing the Corsa can’t compete dynamically with the Fiesta, which remains the benchmark for driver engagement in this segment.

(Photo: Vauxhall)

The ride falls somewhere between the slightly harsh Fiesta and the significantly more comfortable Clio. It’s largely pretty absorbent but can still be jarring over very bad surfaces.

Engines and performance

At launch the Corsa comes with a choice of two petrol and one diesel engine. A 134bhp all-electric version with 209 miles of range will join the line-up early next year, giving it a significant advantage over most rivals.

For now the best option is the 99bhp turbocharged 1.0-litre petrol. The three-cylinder engine has an obvious thrum that can get quite loud if you’re working it hard but it’s an otherwise strong unit. It feels revvy and lively and helps give the Corsa some of the “sportiness” that Vauxhall is aiming for.

That’s likely to be the most popular choice but there’s also a non-turbo version with a paltry 74bhp and a lone diesel. The 1.5-litre four-cylinder puts out 101bhp and 184lb/ft but feels horribly weedy in use. Our test car’s shift light was constantly demanding shifts up and then almost immediately back down as the engine battled to offer enough grunt to make progress.

(Photo: Vauxhall)

Basic 74bhp cars get a five-speed manual gearbox, while the more powerful petrol and the diesel get a six-speed. The 99bhp petrol also gets the £1,730 option of a smooth-shifting eight-speed auto.

Pricing and specification

The Corsa is priced from £15,500 for the entry-level 74bhp SE up to an eye-watering £25,990 for the Ultimate Nav, which goes head-to-head with the equally unnecessary Ford Fiesta Vignale.

All cars are pretty well specified, with LED headlights, alloys, colour touchscreen with smartphone mirroring, air conditioning, lane keep assist and autonomous emergency braking as standard. Vauxhall is also making a lot of noise about the “big car” tech making its way onto the new Corsa, including brilliant adaptive matrix LED headlights, adaptive cruise control, and flank guard that warns against low-level obstacles like car park bollards in low-speed manoeuvres.

(Photo: Vauxhall)

The ludicrously priced Ultimate Nav gets pretty much all of these goodies as standard but the SRi feels like the sweet spot of the range, especially given the young market the Corsa usually appeals to. The bright stripes of colour on the sports seats and dash lift it above the subdued looks of the higher-spec models and it still comes with an eight-inch media system with Android Auto/Apple CarPlay, cruise, air con and the two-tone exterior finish. If you fancy some luxury touches, options packs make items like heated seats, a 10-inch screen and bigger wheels available.


The new Corsa is a vastly better car than the one it replaces but that’s not to say it leaps to the head of the class. In terms of space, performance and comfort it can now compete with its key rivals but doesn’t stand clearly above any of them. Its strongest suit is the availability of some advanced technology but these will push the price towards the most well-specced VW Polo and cars in the class above.


Amazon rolls out Samuel L. Jackson voice option for Alexa

Amazon has a new, mature-rated voice available for Alexa, first promised back in September: Samuel L. Jackson.

Instead of asking your daily questions to Amazon’s very G-rated Alexa, you can ask the assistant to introduce you to Samuel L. Jackson and then select to use the explicit version of the voice option. If you change your mind later and would prefer the clean iteration, you can easily do so in settings. 

The company recommends a few questions for users to ask the American actor’s Alexa archetype to experience Sam’s unique responses:

“Alexa, ask Samuel L. Jackson where he is from.””Alexa, ask Sam to wake me up at 7am.””Alexa, ask Sam Jackson to sing happy birthday.”

Though Amazon states Mr. Jackson cannot help users with shopping, lists, reminders, or Skills, he can help users set timers, serenade them with a song, and tell jokes. The company also recommends “get[ting] to know him a little better by asking about his interests and career.”

Owners of Alexa-equipped devices can download the voice now for an introductory price of $1. Later, the price tag will jump to $5.


The 2020 Genesis G90 Finally Feels Unique

Value is great. Money matters, dollars talk, and nobody wants to get hosed. But in the world of flagship luxury cars, value isn’t enough. You’re not just buying a collection of equipment thrown into the quietest and most comfortable shell automakers can produce. You’re buying an image.Research the Genesis G90 on MSN Autos | Find a Genesis G90 near you 

That was the core problem with the original Genesis G90; really, the problem with any luxury sedan from a newcomer. Hell, even Lexus still struggles with it at times. It’s easy to outdo the Germans with more equipment for less money, but left-brain math isn’t the only thing that motivates car purchases. Forming a true identity for the brand is key.

Which is why the new G90 matters so much. Because despite what you may assume from the sheetmetal, this isn’t a new car. It’s the old G90 in a bold new costume. The platform, powertrain options, ride tuning, and interior design all carry over mostly unchanged. The G90 is restyled, not reinvented.

Sure, there are some changes underneath. The G90 is the first Genesis to get the fantastic Highway Driving Assist semi-autonomous driving system and a slew of other new safety features. My favorite is the Blind Spot View Monitor, which pipes in a direct camera feed from your blind spot to your gauge cluster.

It’s also got quieter tires, active noise cancellation, an updated infotainment display with touch capability, and over-the-air updates for maps and software features. You can even input your height, weight, and inseam to have the car auto-suggest a healthy seating position.

That enhances what was already one of the core competencies of the G90: it is incredibly comfortable around town and shockingly quiet at speed. Especially with Highway Driving Assist enabled, this is the perfect stuck-in-traffic car. Sit back in the fantastic seats, crank the standard 17-speaker Lexicon audio system, and let the car handle the annoying minutiae of stopping and going while you supervise.

Once speeds pick up, though, it’s easier to separate the G90 from the German sedans that cost tens of thousands of dollars more. At 65 mph, you can feel a busy undertone to the ride that’s simply absent in a hunkered-down S-Class or 7 Series. It’s extra noticeable for rear-seat passengers, as the rear end seems to be less firmly planted than the front.

But that’s the sacrifice you make if you want to save $20,000 or more compared to a comparably equipped car from Germany. And while this isn’t a downside for everyone, it’s important to note that the G90 is more American in its driving dynamics than German. A soft, wafting demeanor was prioritized over the composed, stiffer setup of a conventional autobahn cruiser. Truth be told, the Genesis prefers not to hustle.

But just because it wasn’t built with German priorities doesn’t mean corners were cut. Genesis builds some of the highest-quality cars out there. Every bit of the interior and exterior of this car feels so well built, the G90 could embarrass some Lexuses.

More importantly, though, the 2020 G9o no longer looks or feels like the poor man’s S-Class. With distinct and bold styling, a new color palette, and even niche options like a blue interior, the G90 leans into its position as an alternative choice. The wheels, grille, and taillight design may not be loved by all—I’m a fan of all three, for the record—but at least they say something, which the old design never really did.

Genesis, as a brand, needs to say something. The company has won industry awards, garnered critical acclaim, and delivered high-quality products since its inception. Even in a market dead-set on crossovers, Genesis’ all-sedan lineup has posted a 96 percent year-over-year sales increase.

But they’re growing a small piece of the market. Genesis still hasn’t made an imprint on the wider public consciousness. Testing the previous-generation G90, I told multiple people what it was, only for them to respond, “oh, a Hyundai Genesis.”

Now, the G90 seems like it’ll stand out as a distinctly different beast than the Genesis-cum-G80 that the former model looked like. It’s a new, unique, interesting thing.

It’s not the same as a Mercedes S-Class. And now that it’s not trying to be, it’s a much better car.


This is what the latest generation Xbox looks like

Microsoft unveiled the appearance and name of its latest console at The Game Awards last night. The latest game console is going to be called Xbox Series X and has the look of a small, vertical tower computer. The console is expected by the end of 2020.

The fight is against arch enemy Sony. Where playstation’s creator had the scoop with the announcement of the Playstation 5, Xbox now steals the show by revealing the appearance of the console first.

About that design: that looks pretty familiar. It seems that Microsoft has opted for a design that resembles a small PC to build as many components as possible. Normally, consoles are flat on the ground, Microsoft now enters the height with a vertical design. At the top of the console are air holes, which microsoft presumably refers to a cooler with a kind of chimney effect for more effective cooling of the components.
The Xbox website states that the Xbox Series X is backwards-compatible. It’s unclear how this is going to work, but Microsoft speaks of ‘thousands of games spreads across four [console]generations’. Presumably, users can even play original Xbox games. That game console was released in 2001. The Series X also works with Xbox One accessories and the Xbox Game Pass, which gives players a fixed amount per month to access virtually all Xbox games and multiple other games.
Little is known about the specifications of the console. According to rumors, there will be a super fast SSD in the device to drastically limit charging times. In addition, there is talk of a powerful processor and video card that should enable 8k gaming.
During the Game Awards, a game for the upcoming Series X was also shown. Developer Ninja Theory comes with a sequel to Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice. The game is being developed to make the most of the hardware of the Series X. Given the wording, it seems to be an exclusive for the Series X, but this is not yet entirely certain. The previous Hellblade game initially appeared only on PC and PS4; Only a year later followed a version for xbox one.
The Xbox Series X will be released by the end of 2020. This release period was announced earlier this year. The recommended retail price is still unknown.



With these name cards, your Christmas table becomes extra festive

Do you get guests over the floor at Christmas and do you have a beautiful menu in mind? Then it’s so nice to serve on a nicely dressed table. These homemade name cards give a cheerful and festive accent.

And then they’re also very nice to make – along with the kids, for example. Also not insignificant: with the name tags you can influence who is true. And so that your lively niece doesn’t spend all night next to a boring uncle, or your conservative mother-in-law doesn’t get in to the clinch with your hippie mother.
1. Small Christmas wreaths
From a rosemary twig you can make a lot of fun things. So too these little Christmas wreaths! It’s actually very simple: tie the ends of the twig together with a burlap rope and write names on a piece of paper. Make this together and kees is done!


2. On a sheet
This DIY is also very easy to make and makes your Christmas table much more fun! All you need for this are beautiful green leaves and a white (chalk) marker. Do you find it hard to write the names beautifully? First use pencil on the blade and then pull it over with the marker.


3. A label
Don’t you want to spend so much time on it? Then you could also just opt for a label with a twig of a plant. Very easy, but it looks nice right away.

4. Mini plant
Of course, you could also give your guests a small present! When you put a name tag in a mini plant, guests also have some fun to take home.


5. Wood discs
If you really want to give the Christmas table a natural atmosphere, wood discs with names on it are a very nice idea. You can simply order these discs through different webshops and you can write the names with a pen. Don’t you have such a neat handwriting? Then you could always use stamps

6. Pine cone
For an autumnal atmosphere, you can also choose pine cones. Glue it to a slice of wood so that they are firm. Would you rather have more glitz & glamour? Then you could also spray the pine cones gold or silver.

7. Chic green
This DIY is very chic, but still has that natural touch. With a black paper, silver marker and a twig of a plant you can come a long way! Cut two slices into the paper and get the twig through here. Write the names with a silver marker on the black paper and you’ll see that your guests will be surprised! The nice thing about these name tags is that you can alternate well with different plants.

have fun making and blissful Christmas



Must Be Visited: 7 Natural Wonders of Azerbaijan Captivate Your Mind

When you embark on a tourist trip, sometimes staying in a 5-star hotel is very attractive, but it’s different if your destination is Azerbaijan, nature won’t let you stay among the walls of your hotel, but it’s attracting you to explore its fascinating secrets in this wonderful tourist country.
From landscapes that look like in space, to a waterfall that turns into a crystal-covered masterpiece in winter, here are seven natural wonders you can visit in Azerbaijan, according to CNN Arabia.
1- The Amazing Crystal Waterfall
A must-have: 7 natural wonders in Azerbaijan capture your mind sa2eh 1 must visit: 7 natural wonders in Azerbaijan captivate your mind
Azerbaijan is known as the land of fire, but this does not prevent it from becoming a magical snowy kingdom during the winter.
Hotel inside an astronomical observatory on the top of the Swiss Alps
In the secluded mountain village of Kreiz, 2,200 metres above sea level, you can visit its waterfall, which turns into a crystal prodigy in winter.
The waterfall’s advantage is its presence in a rocky cave, creating a charming view of the smooth crystal curtains among the rocks surrounding the amazed visitors.
2. Mud volcanoes
Azerbaijan’s mud volcanoes are natural phenomena that amaze tourists because of their cracked terrain and hills that look like they are from outside the world.
These volcanoes, rich in mineral salts, organic compounds and rare elements, provide healing properties to the human body and contain medically beneficial ingredients.
Doctors in Azerbaijan used volcanic clay to treat more than 10 diseases, such as diseases related to the nervous system, joints, spine and gynaecology.
3- The hill that has been burning for 4,000 years
Yennar Dag, a hill that is constantly on fire in the face of rain, thalassaemia, and wind.
In Azerbaijani, yinar Dag means Mountain of Fire, and the hill is located on the Ibecheron Peninsula and its fires have been said to have been in operation for 4,000 years, making it a mysterious destination worth visiting.
Yennar Dag, one of Azerbaijan’s many sources of abundant and leaking natural gas reserves, is one of many fires that have been occurring spontaneously and have fascinated visitors to Azerbaijan for thousands of years.
Explorer Marco Polo wrote about this mysterious phenomenon when he passed through Azerbaijan in the 13th century. That is why Azerbaijan has been called the land of fire.
4. Lake Batapat
This lake is located in the Nakhichevan Autonomous Republic at an altitude of 2,500 meters above sea level.
The lake is surrounded by snow-covered mountains that remain on the peaks of some mountains until late spring, drawing an interesting palette that combines a spring scene due to the bright colours of the lake’s plants and a winter snow scene.
When she visited the lake in 2018, Eternal Arrival’s blogger, Alison Green, noticed snow on the nearby peaks, although the weather was very sunny, so the lake is described as a place where one can experience the four seasons of the year at the same time.
5. Lake Marjull
When you visit this Azerbaijani lake in The Goigol National Park, you won’t believe that its charming location was created by a centuries-old natural disaster.
The lake was formed 1,000 years ago when an earthquake caused part of Mount Kabaz to fall into the Valley of the Aksu River to block it by forming lakes.
The beauty of the lake is particularly great in autumn when the surrounding green forests turn yellow, brown and red.
6- Candy Stick Mountains
A must-have: 7 natural wonders in Azerbaijan capture your mind sa2eh 1 must visit: 7 natural wonders in Azerbaijan captivate your mind
At first glance, you might think you’re standing over endless areas of your favorite blend of strawberry and vanilla ice cream when you visit these mountains. Describing this place may seem like a piece of a childish dream, but it’s a real place to visit in Azerbaijan.
These low-rise mountains are located near the capital Baku.
These mountains are called Candy Cayenne, which means candy stick because of its candy-like appearance, and are adorned with pink and white lines and swirls.
7. Navtsu Water: Elixir of Youth
A must-have: 7 natural wonders in Azerbaijan capture your mind sa2eh 1 must visit: 7 natural wonders in Azerbaijan captivate your mind
Located in the foothills of the Great Caucasus Mountains, qalaalti hotel and resort you will have the opportunity to experience the natural waters of Navtsu, which the Association of European Historic Thermal Cities has described as a true elixir of youth.
This water is characterized by its unique chemical composition, which includes key components of a large amount of organic compounds and beneficial microorganisms.
“These vehicles provide benefits that other water cannot provide to the human body,” says Olvi Akhmetov, the resort’s general manager.
Water renews the body’s defenses, as well as its ability to remove metabolic products and toxic substances from the body and thus prevent premature aging.
As part of the treatments offered by Qalaalti Hotel & Resort, one can drink Navtsu water after consulting a doctor.

With this cake you get the end of Christmas dinner without stress

Finish the Christmas dinner with a beautiful pistachio meringue cake, in perfect Christmas colours and without stress. Sounds too good to be true, yet it’s feasible. Most of the work for this impressive closing piece is done in advance, so you hardly have to do anything about the white, red-pink and green combination on the evening itself.

Making meringue seems difficult but is in fact a (literally) egg: you make it of beaten protein. Importantly, you separate the yolks well from the protein and the bowl is fat-free, otherwise the proteins will not get stiff. A smart way to make the bowl fat-free is by rubbing the inside with half a lemon. The protein is good if you can pull out beautiful white peaks that remain upright after mixing. By adding maizena to the protein foam with this cake maizena, the meringue’s crust becomes crunchy and the inside zach

Always work beaten protein directly once to prevent collapse and fry the meringue at low temperature in the oven. The proteins can dry so slowly without caramelizing the sugar and browning the meringue. If you make meringue a day in advance, keep it in the oven and not in the refrigerator. When condensation comes on it it becomes sticky and soft. Make the cake up to 30 minutes before serving.

95 g peeled pistachios (tray)
200 g protein (of approx. 6 eggs)
1 tsp lemon juice
325 g fine granulated sugar
10 g maizena
100 g butter (at room temperature)
2 eggs
100 g self-rising baking flour
1/4 tsp salt
225 g fresh raspberries (bowl)
35 g freeze-dried raspberries (jar)
500 g mascarpone
250 g full cottage cheese
30 g powdered sugar
11/2 tsp vanilla aroma
food processor
baking paper
spring shape (Ø 24 cm, edges greased)

1 Preheat the oven to 120 °C. Heat a frying pan without oil or butter and roast 3/4 of the pistachios 3 min. Let cool well on a plate. Grind the nuts in the food processor until they have the structure of granulated sugar. It shouldn’t get sticky.
2 Put the protein with the lemon juice in a fat-free bowl and beat stiffly with a mixer. Gradually add 225 g granulated sugar and beat everything to stiff peaks. The protein must be so stiff that you can keep the bowl reversed without the protein falling out. Sift the maizena above and spatula along with the ground pistachios through the protein.
3 Place a sheet of baking paper on a baking sheet and draw 2 circles of Ø 20 cm (e.g. using a plate). Turn the baking paper over and divide the protein with a spatula within the circles. Don’t iron it too smoothly. The protein turns off in the oven, so make sure you stay within the lines to make the foam layers fit properly. Bake the protein circles approx. 2 hours and 30 min. in the middle of the oven. Remove from the oven and let it cool completely.
4 Increase the oven temperature to 180 °C. Coat the bottom of the spring shape with baking paper. Put the butter with the rest of the granulated sugar in a bowl and beat in 5 min. with a mixer to an airy cream. Beat the eggs loose in a bowl and add knocking at the highest position little by little to the cream. Sift the baking flour and salt above it and spatula gently through it. Spread the batter evenly over the spring shape, smooth with a spatula and bake approx. 20-25 min. in the oven.
5 Remove the cake bottom from the oven, gently remove the shape and allow to cool completely. This will take about 1 hour. Chop the rest of the pistachios coarsely.
6 Halve half of the fresh raspberries. Keep the rest of the raspberries separate for garnish. Crumble with your fingers the freeze-dried raspberries coarsely and keep 2 tbsp separately for garnish. Before filling with the mixer, beat the mascarpone with the cottage cheese, powdered sugar and vanilla aroma. Spatula here briefly the halved fresh and the crumbled freeze-dried raspberries through and put to use in the refrigerator.
7 Divide over the cake just before serving 1/3 of the mascarpone mixture. Cover with a meringue circle. Repeat and finish with the rest of the mascarpone mixture. Sprinkle with the chopped pistachios and withheld crumbled freeze-dried raspberries and divide the fresh whole raspberries over it.

Replace the vanilla aroma with 1/2 tsp rose water (bottle 100 ml, Souq). This aromatic flower water gives your cake an extra luxurious taste and this fits perfectly with pistachio and raspberries. Extra festive!
The cake and meringue layers can be made up to two days in advance. Store the cake and meringue separately from each other, well packed in foil and outside the refrigerator. You can make the filling yourself the morning, stir the raspberries through it until shortly in advance. The longer you leave it and the more you stir, the more rozer the filling becomes.

CONTAINS p.p. 485 kcal • 9 g protein • 31 g fat, of which 19 g verz. • 42 g carbohydrates, of which 32 g sugars • 0.3 g salt • 2 g fiber • Price p.p. € 1.70


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